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EVnomics is a leading electric vehicle cable and accessory supplier in Australia


We supply cables, adapters and any portable hardware you need to charge your car when you're away from home. We also supply the best accessories for EVs including the Tesla Model S.    


EVnomics has charging solutions for your EV no matter where you are in Australia

To take advantage of public charging stations and industrial 3-Phase sockets, drivers need to have the appropriate cables required and we're here to help. Check out our cables page to find what you're looking for.


Featured Electric Car Cables and Accessories

We have hardware for all EVs from Tesla to Nissan to BMW 

We stock both type 1 (J1772) and type 2 (IEC 62196) cables and adapters meaning no matter whether you have a Tesla Model S, a BMW i3, a Nissan Leaf or any other electric car, we have the cable for you. 

Get started by checking out which cables can be used with your car using our Cable Selection Guide


Electric vehicle charging stations

For EV charging stations, check out our friends over at JET Charge. They have a great range from domestic home chargers to high powered public chargers. 

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