I cannot believe how obsessed I am over this thing...

That's what I said to my wife when I realised that I was spending every night looking up new reviews and videos of the Tesla Model S.

It was insatiable, this need, to read the same information over and over, to see the same grin, the same smile over and over again when people drove the car.

I liked seeing skeptics being swayed, and I loved seeing reviewers swoon.

When I finally ordered mine, a Brown S85, I wanted to punch the air in excitement and at the same time bury my face in my hands because the wait was going to be so long.

So I started buying everything that I would want for the car.  It quickly dawned on me that there were no options for Australian customers.  Nothing local was going to fit properly.  Everything had to be from the US or elsewhere.

I didn't think that was good enough - we are a bunch of fanatics over here.  We deserved a local store, who we could talk to about the car, who understood KM and didn't talk in pounds.  Who understood what the Hume was and which power companies had the best rates for solar feed in.

So I started one.

We're small, very small, incredibly small.  But we're captured by the vision that Tesla Motors has given us.  A vision not only about the future of motoring, but how goods should be priced in Australia, how customers should be treated, and how not everything is about money.  

Some things are bigger than that, and we just want to be a small part in that very big thing.

So I hope you enjoy our store.  If there's anything I can do to help, just drop me a line - info@evnomics.com.au.

See you on the road.


Founder - EVnomics