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We scoured the world for the best Tesla Model S accessories.  We found them, and now we're sharing them.

Our mission is to provide Australian Model S owners with the best possible automotive experience.  

We're guided by three goals:

Fair Pricing

We're sick of the 
"Australian tax".  

That's why we're following Tesla's lead and offering all our customers with a simple formula.

USA RRP + Freight + Our Duties/Taxes + AUD exchange 

Our price.

Local Contact

How do you get advice when they're asleep and you're awake?

How do you see the product before you buy?

What if you just wanted to talk to someone who spoke in kilometres and not miles?

We're here for you.

Fast Delivery

Why should you have to wait weeks to get something you've already paid for?

We stock all products locally, so you get them fast.

Also, because we buy in bulk, you get all our savings (product and freight), right in your back pocket.

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